Kamis, 19 Mei 2011

Episode 56 ( terakhir ) East of eden

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East of Eden finally wrapped up the whole
episode of 56 on the 10th. Dong-wook
realized what his real father did to him. He
set a trap to put his brother and Jackie in
prison and he used his real son to take
these two competitors down. He got furious and told him in front that he would
take him down himself. It was not a happy ending for Dong-chul
(Song Seng-heon). He was captured by his
brother Dong-wook and held on a prison
but he escaped later to save Young-ran

because he couldn’t just let her got hurt by the kidnappers. He didn’t really have a great plan like Mike Scofield from Prison
Break but he escaped from it and tried to
save her life. He of course got beat up by Jackie’s and it looked like they both would die there.

Dong-wook showed up. He even came in
without arm to save them both. Dong-chul
was impressed by his act and got a bullet
for him. I learned that another lessen
here. If you don’t know how to save others, just pray at home. He died in his
beloved brother and Young-ran’s hands. It was a sad ending for for him because he
died too young and didn’t have chance to make any final move on Shin Tae-whan.
So many viewers including me wanted to
see him kicking some butts. Rebecca put some hands on Shin Tae-whan
instead. She suddenly showed up for final
event and put some ropes around him and
sat together with Tae-whan. He thought
she was going to kill him and yelled at her
that he was Shin Tae-whan, the immortal. No one could put him down. Her reaction
was so calm like nothing was important any
more. She acted like she was the real
person who already decided to kill herself.
His all the yelling made her decision
affirmed. She stepped on her car and dove into a shallow river. It showed that the
evil would get punished with anyone even
another evil. The main event in the final episode was
the above and I wasn’t really moved by it. It looked somewhat awkward ending that
didn’t wrap up the whole story, I think. I guess I expected too much from it.
However I thought about it would definitely
have a great ending hidden that would be
as good as the first parts of the show that
had lots of action scenes and interesting
plots from beginning. Anyway, it was done and I hope to find a
better one soon. East of Eden- The Last Episode clip East of Eden Original Soundtrack (OST)-
Are you listening (Deot go itnoyo) by Lee
Seung-chul Popularity: 32% [?]

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